Show Your Support for the Wahiawa Pedestrian Bridge

The WCBA supports the Wahiawa Pedestrian Bridge project because we feel that the pros FAR outweigh the cons. You can read more about our position on the matter by SIGNING OUR PETITION HERE.

TAKE ACTION: By selecting one of the items listed below, an email will be automatically generated for you. Modify it to your heart’s content, then click send and it will be emailed to Ms. Holly Yuen, Project Manager HDOT Highways Division. Mahalo!

A. I feel that a pedestrian bridge would be a safer way to commute between Wahiawa town and Whitmore!

B. I feel that the Wahiawa business economy is in a slump and the pedestrian bridge could really make a positive impact!

C. I feel that a walking bridge would help bring the Wahiawa and Whitmore communities closer together!

D. I feel that this is a great way for our community to get outside and exercise!

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